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about us
Our Company was established at the beginning of 2005 and we are specialised in web design solutions and providing complete set of web related services for small to large enterprises, charities, and for private users.

The growth of our clientale required to start our own servers for providing web hosting services and domain registrations in 2008 for our partners. To satisfy our clients and exceed their expectations, our company has a limited access in public partnerships, which means we are not providing any IT solutions or hosting services if it does not achive the level of quality which meets the high criteria of our existing clientale.

We are providing complete set of web related services in case of achiving higher satisfactory of our partners by making our cooperation more convinient for both parties, as they do not have to trust different companies with different tasks. Our company sells commercial softwares of our own improvements, we are dealing with unique IT soultions, and providing exceptional web designs but there are also available among our services the international domain registration and web hosting services based on our own servers.
web hosting services
  • unlimited data transfer
  • unlimited mail boxes
  • unlimited subdomains
  • FTP connection
  • spam and virus scanning
  • webmail access
  • CMS support
  • SMTP server
  • mySQL
  • phpMyAdmin
  • gigabit BIX connection
  • data saving on daily basis
  • 24/7 technical support
  • free domain registration with annual contratcs
  • Hungarian/English admin site